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How to Solve Pregnancy Back Pains

Almost all pregnant women go through early pregnancy back pain. It is not a new thing for women to experience this during this critical and unusual stage of their lives. Majority of women experience particular levels of these pains during the first trimester, and this pain gradually decreases by week twenty of pregnancy. The backaches are due to the force exerted on the muscles on any of the two sides of the back. This is the result of the increase of the pregnancy hormone progesterone in early days of pregnancy making soft the disks and supporting tissues. Infections in the urinary system that occur during pregnancy can be the cause of the backaches in some situations. Simultaneously your body weight increases and your gravity center is changed ending in increase in back pain. When experiencing this pains, you should try the following things for relief.

Exercise is the undisputed the best, safe and the most vital action that you should take for alleviating back pain during early pregnancy. As most of the drugs for back pain are not allowed during first few weeks of pregnancy, exercise is the best remedy. Walking, mini-crunches, pelvic rocking, or lie on the ground, bend your knees and raise your buttocks in the air. Bending your knees and raising your head while expiring is a good thing to do. These easy physical exercises can help to rid of your back pains without the using any drugs.

How you position your body as well as how your movements have a great role in ridding your back pains. Maintaining the correct posture and locomoting appropriately are key in ending back pains. The best way to prevent back pains is by standing while your back is in a vertical position. Right posture is vital in early days of pregnancy as well as in the later ones. During gestation the uterus enlarges, and one has to pull back to cater for the additional weight which results to the straining of the back. This later pain can be prevented by shifting your position frequently while you are sitting and by avoiding to stand for too long and for no reason.

During pregnancy the woman’s body goes through a lot of adjustments, quality sleep can help shun back pains at the beginning of gestation. One should perform simple yoga exercises to relieve the pain. you should seek medical help if the pains refuse to cease. In some cases the medic may suggest therapy sessions.

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