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Why Choose a Dedicated Hosting Server?

Chances are that you’ve heard or read about dedicated server hosting if you are looking at your options for web hosting services. For sure, you are thinking as well if you are making a smart decision to go on this route or not. Knowing how the server works and what exactly it is should be in your best interest as of now. As what the name suggests, dedicated web hosting service is about hosting your website and no other sites share to it. Then again, there are tons of websites that are operating online these days that are running on shared servers. Of course, each of the hosting option comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

When talking about shared hosting, a very obvious benefit is that, it is low cost operation but for many businesses, there are many other things that are more important which has to be taken into consideration. For instance, dedicated server is completely different in regards to memory, performance, storage and many more. For busy and big websites, utilizing shared hosting servers will not be able to meet their needs and thus, not a good decision to make too.

Therefore, you might be asking yourself how you could determine if dedicated server is for you or not. As a matter of fact, I have cited situations that you can use as reference. If the nature of the site is dictating that you need better control of the server and its performance right from the very start, then you must use a dedicated server. It’s fine to use shared server at first yes but, if you feel that you have to add more features like RAM, memory, bandwidth etc. then you probably go for dedicated hosting.

Not only that, there are numerous benefits you can get from a dedicated hosting server such as the ones listed:

Number 1. Maximum performance – the biggest benefit of using dedicated hosting lies in its remarkable performance. This is more important if you have a website that requires immense processing which is the same thing if your site is generating thousands of visitors a day. Using dedicated servers is basically the best way to make sure that you have smooth operations on your website.

Number 2. Increased reliability – shared servers are more vulnerable to crash and several other issues which can be best avoided with a dedicated hosting site.

Number 3. Improved security – if you want to improve online security of your site, then make sure that you switch to dedicated servers, as no one will like to do business with your site if they ever feel that they’re not thoroughly protected.

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